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Antiwar Interview: Kinsella on Bill of Rights, Intellectual Property



KOL 035 | Antiwar Interview: Federalism, Bill of Rights, Constitutional Sentimentalism, IP (2010)

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  • Jayel Aheram February 14, 2010, 12:45 pm


    How about the labor that was put into the arrangement? In the digital era, where copies can be made using minimal resources, it is the labor and time that is the most “expensive” part of the creation. Do we have rights to that labor?

    I suppose you can argue that in things digital and online, it is the bandwidth that is the scarce resource that is appropriated when someone makes a copy directly from the original content creator’s server. Though, that argument would only apply to specific situations where copies are made from the source server. Once a “legal copy” has been made, there is not an ethical argument that can be made against people who willingly allocate their bandwidth to share their “legal copy” with thousands of people through BitTorrent. The source server is bypassed altogether.

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