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In Honor of David Gordon

and my Cajun heritage, and apropos nothing in particular, here is the joke “Illegal Cock Fight”:

The Louisiana State Police received reports of illegal cock fights being held in the area around Lafayette, and duly dispatched the infamous detective Desormeaux to investigate. He reported to his sergeant the next morning. “Dey is tree main groups in dis cock fightin’” he began.

“Good work. Who are they?” the sergeant asked.

Desormeaux replied confidently, “De Aggies, de Cajuns, and de Mafia.”

Puzzled, the sergeant asked, “How did you find that out in one night?”

“Well,” Desormeaux replied, “I went down and done seen dat cock fight. I knowed the Aggies was involved when a duck was entered in the fight.”

The sergeant nodded, “I’ll buy that. But what about the others?”

Desormeaux intoned knowingly, “Well, I knowed de Cajuns was involved when summbody bet on de duck.”

“Ah,” sighed the sergeant, “And how did you deduce the Mafia was involved?”

“De duck won.”

[A little humor from an old LRC post]

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  • Ben Kilpatrick February 15, 2010, 3:38 am

    Ahem. I think you mean that LSU entered the duck. 😉

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