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Kinsella Intellectual Property discussion on Freedomain Radio Book Club


From Stefan Molyneux’s post on the Mises forum:

The Freedomain Radio Book Club had a great discussion with Stephan about intellectual property which I thought you might enjoy…

FDR1616 Stephan Kinsella on Intellectual Property from Freedomain Radio

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We did this yesterday, Mar. 20, 2010. It was about an hour and was a nice, intelligent discussion of IP and related libertarian issues. (Local MP3 file — 59MB)

[Mises; AM]

Update: This originally appeared on The Voluntary LifeAuthor Interview: Stephan Kinsella on Against Intellectual Property (March 20, 2010; see also their interesting episode Against Intellectual Property: A Follow Up Discussion). The Voluntary Life version has an added introduction by the host.

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