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Gene Quinn, Joke

On his blog, the hapless and inept Gene Quinn calls me a liar. He says that’s why he banned me from his blog. He’s lucky I believe defamation law is unlibertarian or he might be facing another lawsuit–but he’s already got his hands full defending himself from in another lawsuit from charges of making false and misleading comments on his site. Poor guy. Anyway, I explain in excruciating detail here why he is himself plainly lying in his outrageous comments about. Quinn is a very sad person: he is obviously not very bright or well educated; he writes like a fifth grader; he argues like a seventh grader. He may be competent at prosecuting patent applications, since that is not that hard to do–it’s basically like preparing technical reports explaining an invention and then corresponding with the PTO according to its esoteric set of rules. He may also be good at marketing himself, which seems to be the primary purpose of his site and his blustery logorrhea. He’s sort of the patent equivalent of those car dealership owners who put on fruit hats and speak in weird voices in local, cheap TV commercials just to sell cars. His calling me a liar, when I am not and when he knows it, is dishonest, but to be expected from a pathetic joke like he has shown himself to be.

By the way, since he’s banned me from his site, I can’t reply to him there. It would not hurt if others in the libertarian community commented there and set Quinn straight.

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  • Patrick Niedzielski (Unlabeled) June 26, 2010, 1:19 pm

    This describes my experience with Gene too. Google searching his name, there are so many blogs (such as yours), which show how he censors and flames, from the experience of those to whom he does it to, anyone who dissents in his little kingdom.

    By the way, I have blogged about my experiences, if you are interested:
    Are You Arguing Against My Argument, or Against ME? and Moderate, Don’t Censor.

  • William Beaumont March 31, 2012, 3:49 pm

    I have followed Gene’s blog for sometime, and I conclude the following:

    1) there is some good dialogue about patent topics of interest (for example, his recent blog about the Prometheus decision);
    2) there is significant blather between ‘patent people’ and ‘non-patent/non-legal’ people; and
    3) there are too many ‘pot shots’ taken at bloggers and other entities by Gene. Granted this is a liberty a blog-owner often exercises, but there is too much ‘white noise’ in his blog.

  • Dell Anderson October 1, 2015, 2:26 pm

    I have casually followed Gene for the last month on Twitter. I replied to a post he made yesterday about how ridiculous it is to allow hardware but not software-only algorithm patents. I made the well known point about how the lack of patent on TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol) enabled the internet. He misinterpreted and called me ignorant. A couple of his followers retweeted him. I submitted links to support my statements. Then he blocked me on Twitter. In retrospect, he apparently must have jumped to the conclusion that I had said that there was a complete lack of _any_ TCP/IP related patents, when in fact what I had said was that the TCP/IP core protocol was not patented by CERN / ARPA, and this is what had enabled the internet so quickly.

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