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Agora I/O: The Liberty Unconference: Open Source Agorism: Prosper Without Patents or Copyrights

Mises Academy Webinar: Stephan Kinsella addresses Obama's Patent Reform: Improvement or Continuing Calamity?I’ll be appearing tomorrow on Agora I/O? The Liberty Unconference, at 2pm EDT, at the channel “Open Source Agorism: Prosper Without Patents or Copyrights.” Tune in!

Update: Just finished. The video(s) are below. Here is what is amazing. I was set to do the show, using Justin.tv, but for some reason neither of my MacBooks would work with the Justin.tv interface. I saw an option for “mobile device.” It was 5 minutes to showtime. I quickly downloaded Justin.tv app on my iphone, got out a little iPod tripod I had never used, signed in, hit the record button, and walla–I was on Justin.tv streaming live, using my iphone. I was using my MacBook to watch it live, and to monitor questions typed on a facebook stream by the 45 or so participants. Quite amazing. (There are three videos b/c I had a couple of glitches/crashes and had to re-start my iPhone stream twice.)

Watch live video from Agora I/O: Peaceful Evolution on Justin.tv

Watch live video from Agora I/O: Peaceful Evolution on Justin.tv

Watch live video from Agora I/O: Peaceful Evolution on Justin.tv

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  • Jordan Viray September 23, 2011, 1:01 am

    This is how this post appears in my reader:

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    Not sure what the deal is and I think another poster mentioned seeing the same. Anyway, I hope some kind of podcast will be available for download for the Agora “unconference”|

  • Bob September 26, 2011, 6:26 am

    Thanks for the vid recording. It’s a shame, as good as Justin.tv is, the recording has skips in it very often — about every minute there is a skip where an entire word or 2 is skipped, making it difficult to understand the sentence.

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