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Interesting and Esoteric Words of the Slate Podcast Literati: October 19, 2011

Latest notable terms from this and last week’s Slate Culture Gabfest (feel free to email me suggestions or leave them in the comments to the main page, which keeps a running collection of the terms from this series of posts).

And added to the list of terms I’m waiting to hear: stigmergic and Cockaigne.

  • antipatica [JuneT, CG10-19-11] [really?]
  • august (adj.) [DS, CG10-19-11] [what’s next, halcyon?]
  • auteur [JuneT, CG10-19-11]
  • bourgeois [JuneT, CG10-19-11]
  • congeries [SM, CG10-19-11]
  • extant [SM, CG10-19-11]
  • risible [SM, CG10-19-11]
  • tic [JuneT, CG10-19-11]
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