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Stephen Kinsella’s I am Not

Stephen Kinsella. Not me. This is the EU Competition lawyer guy.

Over the years I on occasion get mistaken for other Kinsella’s. Our name is rare in the US. Usually when I sign a bill people say “hey like that guy Ray Kinsella from Field of Dreams, right?” That is my claim to fame.

Unclean head. Dirty head. That’s what Kinsella means. Not King of the Islands.

Stephan vs. Stephen vs. Steven vs. Stefan. Jesus. Not to mention, vs. Steffond.

People are stupid. They never say “Stevenie” when they see Stephanie. But “Stephan” is a mental leap for these morons. Why can’t they pronounce and spell Stephan right. Why.

That’s why I often go by my first name: Norman.

Stephen Kinsella, the dirty-headed economist journalist.

One Stephen Kinsella (twitter) is a competition (antitrust) lawyer in Europe. Another is some lefty journalist in Ireland (twitter). Hell, someone said he’s a leftish journalist. I dunno. I doubt we have much in common, other than unclean heads. On occasion, if memory serves, we have each been mistaken for the other, and sometimes forward those mistaken emails to the right Kinsella. What can I say. Kinsellas stick together. Like unclean mud.

update: Kinsella Clan Keeps Growing

And a recent Twitter thread confusion.

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  • Christopher Zimny July 14, 2016, 2:07 pm

    Steffond LOL

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