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Why Do Anarchists Bother You?

Someone posted this on Facebook, probably some random FB rant of mine:


By Stephan Kinsella

“You are bothered that you are encountering a fellow American–peaceful, successful, intelligent, well-read–who is *unwilling to violate your rights*, unwilling to condone anyone aggressing against you. And this bugs you? WTF? How insane is that?  Go out and vote for criminal politicians who will rob me of money or liberty, if it makes you feel better. You’ve won. Congratulations. You are getting your way. Your little corrupt democratic statism is in force, you get to vote and foment and be patriotic and you and your cronies can force me and my fellow minority-individualists to comply with your stupid laws, on pain of imprisonment. Fine. You’ve won. Yet it bugs you that we whine about this treatment? I pay the taxes to support your evil wars and welfare and drug laws–far more than anyone here, I would bet. So I am paying for your crap. Is that not enough for you people? You want us to shut up, be muzzled, too? I tell you I would gladly switch places: have a free society where a few fascists and communists wandered around bitterly–I’d be happy to let you whine, so long as you could not impose your destructive collectivist views on me and mine. Any takers?”

Update: this is from a comment of mine on confused sci-fi writer David Brin’s blog.

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  • twv December 5, 2013, 9:01 pm

    Ah, the dark side of democracy: it’s not enough to live and let live: one must make one’s enemies pay for what you want. Indeed, that’s what many people really like about democratic voting, forcing the enemy to pay. It’s very vindictive.

    Anyone balking at that deal can’t help but be annoyed with those who say: go pay for your own projects; I’ll pay for mine.

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