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Portuguese Translation of “Punishment and Proportionality: The Estoppel Approach”

My articles have been translated so far into 14 languages. Most of it so far is my shorter pieces, as well as my Against Intellectual Property. But the topic that has always interested me most is rights theory. What I regard as one of my most important papers, and in any case one of my personal favorites, Punishment and Proportionality: The Estoppel Approach, Journal of Libertarian Studies 12:1 (Spring 1996), though, which sets out my view of libertarian rights in some detail, has never been translated. Nor has much of my other writing on rights theory, except for a Dutch translation of New Rationalist Directions in Libertarian Rights Theory, which contains a summary of my rights theory and related ones such as Hoppe’s argumentation ethics

Until now, that is: the Punishment and Proportionality paper has just been translated into Portuguese by Miguel Serra. The translation is: Pena e proporcionalidade: A abordagem do Estoppel (also now published on the Ludwig von Mises Institute Brazil). I’m extremely grateful to and honored by Mr. Serra, as well as those who have done the other translations. The spreading, global libertarian community is truly a wonder to behold. It gives me hope for humanity.

Update: There is an HTML version available, Agressão, pena e proporcionalidade – como estabelecer os limites?. And I also now see Punição e Proporcionalidade: A Abordagem do Estoppel

Update: PDF versions of the above are now available, sent to me by Thiago Machado, a Brazilian libertarian student: one file formatted for A4 paper (good for PC/tablet) and the other one formatted in A6 (good for smartphones).



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