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Some favorite law review papers

In no particular order (okay, roughly chronological), and I realize this is weird and geeky (links provided where possible; others are apparently not online, a shame):

  • Fred Rodell, Goodbye to Law Reviews (1936)
  • Ronald Dworkin, The Model of Rules (1967)
  • Berlin, Isaiah, Four Essays on Liberty (Amazon) (Oxford 1969)
  • Rosalyn Higgins, “The Taking of property by the state : recent developments in international law,” Académie de droit international. Recueil des Cours (1982), III, tome 176
  • F. A. Mann, “The Consequences of an International Wrong in International and National Law,” British Yearbook of International Law (1976) 48 (1): 1-65
  • Various articles by Richard Epstein (most not online), e.g. “Possession As the Root of Title”; Nuisance Law: Corrective Justice and its Utilitarian Constraints; Pleadings and Presumptions; The Social Consequences of Common Law Rules; The Static Conception of the common Law; Past and Future: The Temporal Dimension in the Law of Property
  • Various articles by Randy Barnett (many online), e.g. Foreword: Can Justice and the Rule of Law be Reconciled?A Consent Theory of Contract
  • Christopher Blakesly, Theories about International Law
  • Arthur Allen Leff, “Unspeakable Ethics, Unnatural Law” (1979)
  • Trimble, P.R., “A Revisionist View of Customary International Law” (1986)
  • Buckley, F.H., “Contract Theories: Paradox Lost,” Minnesota Law Review (1988)
  • Smith, Ernest E. & John S. Dzienkowski, “A Fifty-Year Perspective On World Petroleum Arrangements,”24 Texas International Law Journal 13 (1989) (here)
  • Ernest E. Smith, From Concessions to Service Contracts (1992)
  • Alan Watson, The Importance of ‘Nutshells’ (1994)
  • Great American Law Reviews (not online), Berring, Robert C., and Salley Gunderson, Editors (Birmingham: The Legal Classics Library, 1984–1990. Three volumes) selected pieces, including:
    • The Origin and Scope of the American Doctrine of Constitutional Law, James B. Thayer, Harv. L. Rev., 1893
    • Some Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning, Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld, Yale L. J., 1913
    • A Realistic Jurisprudence: The Next Step, Karl N. Llewellyn, Colum. L. Rev., 1930
    • Some Reflections on the Reading of Statutes, Felix Frankfurter, Colum. L. Rev., 1947
    • Toward Neutral Principles of Constitutional Law, Herbert Wechsler, Harv. L. Rev., 1959
    • The Problem of Social Cost, R.H. Coase, J. Law & Econ., 1960
    • The Supreme Court, 1960 Term-Foreword: The Passive Virtues, Alexander M. Bickel, Harv. L. Rev., 1961
    • Neutral Principles and some First Amendment Problems, Robert H. Bork, Indiana L. J., 1971
    • The Wages of Crying Wolf: A Comment on Roe v. Wade, John Hart Ely, Yale L. J., 1973
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  • Tyler Kubik December 9, 2015, 12:04 pm

    As a libertarian going into law school in the Fall, this is great.

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