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A Way to Be Free: The Autobiography of Robert LeFevre

Libertarian Robert LeFevre published his two-volume autobiography, with publisher Pulpless.com, in 1999. It’s still available in print on Amazon:

PDF links for each volume are now available here: Vol. 1 [PDF]; Vol. 2 [PDF], posted here with the permission of the publisher.

I also discuss LeFevre here: Classical Liberals and Anarchists on Intellectual Property: observing: “Robert LeFevre (1911–86): expresses very good, early skepticism of the notion of IP or ownership of ideas (see LeFevre on Intellectual Property and the “Ownership of Intangibles”).”

Also see LeFevre’s The Fundamentals of Liberty, also available for download in many file formats here. His book The Philosophy of Ownership is also available online.

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