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KOL279 | A College Student Interviews Stephan About How Libertarians View the World


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 279.

I was interviewed a few weeks ago by a college student, Greta, who is working on an honor’s thesis covering libertarian thought in America. I am always happy to talk to young people–high school students, college and grad students, and the like, but when I take the time to give them answers, I often try to publicize it so that it can potentially reach more than one person. Great has interviewed other libertarians, including Bob Murphy, who featured his interview recently on his own podcast (see Ep. 83 A College Student Interviews Bob About How Libertarians View the World). So this inspired me to put up our discussion here on my own feed. I will say that I’m not necessarily happy with how I answered the question near the end about racism and sexism in modern American culture. But it was off the cuff, and I did what I could.

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