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Kinsella Ranked #113 Most Influential in Law, 1990–2020

As noted here, the academic ranking site Academic Influence has ranked Professor Hoppe the 36th most influential philosopher between 1990–2020. I did a similar search for Law, 1990–2020, and surprisingly I turned up #113, right after Eric Posner (Justice Scalia was #1). [PDF]

Update: now they have me as #7556 overall.

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Note: These rankings change dynamically as our artificial intelligence system learns new things and incorporates new publications and citations. Academics are constantly doing research and publishing new insights, with the result that our measure of influence is subject to continual adjustments. For quality assurance reasons, however, we forgo real-time changes, with most public updates happening only quarterly. In any case, don’t be surprised to see our rankings change over time.

Methodology: How and Why We Rank by Influence …

Eric Posner
Eric Posner

1965 – Present (56 years)

#15674 Person’s Overall Influence

Eric Posner is a professor of law at the University of Chicago’s Law School. He earned his B.A. and M.A. in philosophy from Yale University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. His interests have included game theory, international law, foreign relations law, cost-benefit analysis, and national security privacy issues.

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Stephan Kinsella
Stephan Kinsella

1965 – Present (56 years)

#3768 Person’s Overall Influence

Norman Stephan Kinsella is an American intellectual property lawyer, author, and deontological anarcho-capitalist. His legal works have been published by Oxford University Press, Oceana Publications, Mises Institute, Quid Pro Books and others.

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  • A Texas Libertarian September 23, 2021, 8:55 pm

    Hey congrats. I’m surprised any of the good guys made it up there so high! Well done.

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