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Mr. IP Answer Man Time: On Steel and Swords

From C4SIF:

Mr. IP Answer Man Time: On Steel and Swords

Feb. 4 2022

From V:

Dear Professor Kinsella,

I am an economics scholar in the Austrian economics tradition, I am an adherent of the libertarian outlook on life and have read many of your articles on intellectual property and decentralised law.

I was reading your book, Against Intellectual Property. The book is very clear and precise in pinning down the opposing ideas for intellectual property and showing their weakness further. The justification of property rights on the basis of scarcity is a more solid foundation than the idea of natural rights. Carl menger has the same line of thinking with regards to how it is only the scarcity of goods which makes them economic goods and leads people to economize on them, therefore That idea is also as solid as a rock but in the third chapter “IP AND PROPERTY RIGHTS” on page no 36 in the section Creation vs. Scarcity, I think you have made a remark which justifies patents as property rights…

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