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KOL024 | Daniels, Kinsella, Marks, Hoppe, Tucker: “Discussion, Q&A” (PFS 2012, Day 3)


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 024.

[See also PFP102]

I previously podcasted my speech from September 2012 at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society in Bodrum, Turkey (KOL001 | “The (State’s) Corruption of (Private) Law” (PFS 2012)). Later that day I and the other speakers from that day, including Jeff Tucker and Hans-Hermann Hoppe, participated in a general panel discussion and Q&A session, which is included in this podcast episode.

Topics discussed include the issue of preemptive attacks and standing threats, spanking and libertarianism, Gresham’s law and law and legislation, strategies for liberty in life and how to avoid corruption in an unfree world. On the latter topic, I talked about the power of attraction and also vocally objecting, speaking out, when hearing statist sentiments from friends, co-workers, etc. There were also questions about how victims of aggression can achieve restitution from the aggressor, what does he have the right to do to the aggressor—issues such as proportionality, punishment, ostracism, and so on.

For other speeches at the PFS 2012 meeting, see the links in the Program, or the PFS Vimeo channel.

Day 3 Q&A Part 1 from Property & Freedom Society on Vimeo.

Day 3 Q&A Part 2 from Property & Freedom Society on Vimeo.

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