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KOL048 | “Libertarian Controversies Lecture 4” (Mises Academy, 2011)

Libertarian Controversies

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 048.

This is lecture 4 (of 6) of my 2011 Mises Academy course “Libertarian Controversies.”  This talk covered “Misconceptions and Controversies,” such as positive vs. negative obligations, contracts vs. promises, incitement and causation,  and other issues. Slides for this lecture are appended below.

For background information, links to recommended reading, and audio and slides for all six lectures, see  KOL 045 | “Libertarian Controversies Lecture 1″ (Mises Academy, 2011). The remaining lectures will be released here in the podcast feed in upcoming days.

Update: The videos of all six lectures are now available here; the video for this particular lecture is embedded below.

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  • Dan Bonin May 6, 2013, 8:40 pm

    Minor correction. The fundamental theorem of calculus can be proven from the underlying axiom set. I think you meant to say that axioms in mathematics can’t be proven.

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