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KOL134 | This Week in Law 267: Eleemosynary, My Dear Watson


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 134.

This is my appearance as a Guest panelist on This Week in LawEpisode 267 (July 18, 2014).  Brief description: “Are patent trolls losing ground? Dish Anywhere in the Aereo aftermath, FCC gets 1 million comments on U.S. net neutrality debate and more!”

Once again, the hosts and the other guest were congenial to my radical anti-IP views, and the other guest, law professor Harry Surden, basically acknowledged that there is no clear empirical evidence in favor of the patent system. (BTW the title of the show stemmed from my use of the fancy SAT word eleemosynary—it’s used in Louisiana law on occasion, which is how I know, but it is obscure, but a fun word, so I had to drop it in the conversation…

Some of my previous posts related to some of the topics discussed:

My previous two appearances on TWiL were: KOL104 | This Week in Law 97: God Creates. We Patent. IP, Net Neutrality, etc (2011) and KOL103 | This Week in Law 133: Beyonce, Bad Laws, and Breastaurants (2011).

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