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KOL094 | Liberty Talk 004: Cody Wilson on 3D Printing, the Liberator (3D gun), Dark Wallet, Intellectual Property, and Control of Information by the State


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 094. This is the audio for episode 004 of Liberty Talk, a weekly Google hangout-based podcast with Jeffrey Tucker and me (Google Plus pageYoutube Channel).

[Update: for more on whether bitcoin is ownable property, see this Facebook thread. And see: Tokyo court says bitcoins are not ownable. See also:

“in the WSJ article Tax Plan May Hurt Bitcoin, the article notes that legal tender laws are, in fact, jeopardizing BTC. Bitcoins are now classified by the IRS as “property” “instead of” as legal tender money, meaning capital gains taxes are owed on transactions. I mentioned this danger in my talk; a similar problem afflicts the re-adoption of gold or silver as money.  But as I noted in the Q&A to my talk, I am not persuaded that bitcoins are ownable resources—things subject to property rights. The IRS here assumes that something is either money or property. This is one danger of BTC advocates using the language of property rights to describe bitcoins. I would argue that bitcoins are not legally owned and thus capital gains taxes are not applicable—or at least, this is one argument the target of a government tax evasion suit might want to use.” KOL085 | The History, Meaning, and Future of Legal Tender ]

This week we talked to Cody Wilson, Director of Defense Distributed, inventor of the world-first working 3D printed gun, “The Liberator”, and director of  DarkWallet.  See his Indiegogo campaign to fund Bitcoin Dark Wallet (see video below). Jeff asked him to recommend some of the books that had influenced him. They are:

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  • Gunnar November 13, 2013, 6:21 pm

    What happened to the video interview with Cody Wilson? Where did it go?

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