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KOL098 | Nomad Capitalist Interview: IP, Shark Tank, Houston


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 098.

This is my appearance on the Oct. 19, 2013 Nomad Capitalist show, interviewed by Andrew Henderson. My segment beings at about 17:00.

Topics discussed: Austrian economics, intellectual property law, escaping the USA

0:00 Andrew leads off the show, live from Bangkok. He discusses the end of the government shutdown – and how to avoid the next, even more draconian version the US government has up its sleeve. Plus, he shares why the rest of the world doesn’t and shouldn’t care about shenanigans in the US.

Andrew discusses how you are not a product of the borders you’re born within; you can define yourself as an individual, not as a government slave. He talks about the upcomingPassport to Freedom event

13:35 Guest: Stephan Kinsella (Twitter)

Anarcho-capitalist, liberty activist, and intellectual property lawyer Stephan Kinsella discusses why he believes intellectual property law is a sham and nothing more than crony capitalism. He shares his Austrian economics ideals and how he believes they can be better implemented in the USSA. Plus, Stephan and Andrew discuss why Shark Tank is the best show on television, and Stephan explains why he won’t be leaving his native Houston to live overseas any time soon. He and Andrew debate the merits of living overseas with a family and perpetual travel.

Also mentioned in this show:
Jeffrey Tucker
Kevin O’Leary

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