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KOL112 | Jack Criss Interview on the Voucher System (1989)


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 112.

From the vault. This is from 1989, an interview by my good friend Jack Criss, then host of a libertarian AM radio talk show on WJNT in Jackson, Mississippi (now the editor of BAMSouth). Jack interviewed lots of libertarian luminaries on that show, including Murray Rothbard and many others.

At the time of this podcast I was an LSU law student and was talking in favor of educational vouchers—something I completely disagree with now, by the way. But I had not yet at the time reached the full flower of my current Austro-libertarian-anarchist radicalism. To my ear, too, I think I had a thicker Louisiana accent back then.

Good times.

For criticism of voucher:


Update: Soho Forum Debate: resolved: “Today’s school-choice movement in the U.S. is worthy of support by libertarians…” (taking the negative), vs. Corey DeAngelis, New York City (Aug. 21, 2023) (tickets)

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  • Henrique Trecenti May 20, 2014, 8:21 am

    Mister Kinsella,
    I am a lawyer from Brazil and I am doing my masters degree program in law. I am writting about education and as a solution, the voucher system. I would like to know why do you completely disagree with it now? Could you help me with some information about it?
    I appreciate your job, and here in Brazil, we do not have in law schools, the Austro-libertarian-anarchist radicalism, as a way of thinking, unfortunately.
    Thank you,
    Henrique Trecenti.

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