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KOL146 | Interview of Williamson Evers on the Title-Transfer Theory of Contract


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 146.

Today I had a discussion with Williamson Evers, about his pathbreaking 1977 article Toward a Reformulation of the Law of Contracts, which was the first article ever published in the Journal of Libertarian Studies (Evers’s other JLS articles).

This article was relied on heavily by Rothbard, in ch. 19 of The Ethics of Liberty, “Property Rights and the Theory of Contracts.” I discuss this piece in detail in my 2003 JLS article A Libertarian Theory of Contract: Title Transfer, Binding Promises, and Inalienability, and I also discuss it in my post Justice and Property Rights: Rothbard on Scarcity, Property, Contracts….

A fascinating interview. We discussed the genesis of this important theory and related matters. I appreciate greatly Dr. Evers taking time to discuss this matter with me.

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