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KOL194 | Conversation with Parents about Libertarianism and Politics


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 194.

This is an impromptu discussion with my wonderful parents, Norman and Patsy Kinsella, who live in Prairieville, Louisiana. We did this a couple days ago, Oct. 1, on my 50th birthday. As sometimes happens in October in Louisiana, the weather starts getting nice around that time, and so we were sitting outside on the porch and when my dad got out his ballot to vote by mail in an upcoming election, I whipped out my iPhone and did a quick interview with them about politics that I thought might be of interest to some of my followers.

(N.b.: For those interested in more details on related matters, see How I Became A Libertarian (2002), later published as “Being a Libertarian” in I Chose Liberty: Autobiographies of Contemporary Libertarians.)

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  • someone October 4, 2015, 9:35 pm

    “Well, different libertarians think different ways”
    “Well, that may be the problem. Why don’t all libertarians think the same way?”

    That. Was. Epic.

    It’s a koan.

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