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KOL198 | Intellectual Property as Limits on Property; Trade Secrets and Contract


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 198.

This is a discussion with Ash Navabi, an economics grad student at George Mason, who messaged me this question:

Hi Stephan. I’m having a conceptual problem distinguishing IP and tangible property.

In Against IP, you said that an IP right gives the IP owner “invariably transfer partial ownership of tangible property from its natural owner to innovators, inventors, and artists.”

But doesn’t this apply to every property right? If I own a tract of land, why can’t we say that if I ban you riding across it with your dirt bike, then I am claiming ownership over your dirt bike?

I decided to just discuss this with him for the podcast. We ended up veering into a couple tangential issues like auctions for trade secrets in an IP-free world, and so on.

Before we talked, I asked him to read:

Other materials mentioned during our discussion:

The video is streamed below.

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