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KOL214 | Johnny Rocket Launch Pad Episode 97


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 214. www.stephankinsella.com/kinsella-on-liberty-podcast/

I was a guest on the fun and zany libertarian podcast “Johnny Rocket Launch Pad,” Episode 97. They fired questions at me one after another, and I did my best to field them. The sound effects were added later.

From the shownotes page:

What are some things libertarians commonly get wrong? What bad habits do we fall into, with regard to philosophy and law? This week we are joined by the intellectual giant Stephan Kinsella, who brings his experience in law, and philosophy to the table. This episode exposes new ways of looking at old philosophies, and we also go into depth about intellectual property. This is an episode you cannot miss!

You might even become a better libertarian.

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