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KOL244 | “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice Ep. 001: Intellectual Property, Prostate Cancer


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 244.

From my recent appearance on the first episode of rising libertarian and media star Michael Malice’s “Your Welcome” show on his new network, GaS Digital (consider subscribing–libertarian Dave Smith also has a great show on the network–I just did). I was in New York for the weekend, he was rebooting his show on a new network, so it was kismet. We discussed the basic case against intellectual property (I had to persuade Malice, an anarcho-capitalist who came into this without a lot of settled views on it), the Hoppe “toy helicopter” incident [e.g., 1, 2, 3], the infamous Robert Wenzel “debate,” and a few other issues, like my recent bout with prostate cancer (yeah, he got me to go there). (Recorded May 26, 2018)


From the YouTube episode description:

It’s the first episode of “YOUR WELCOME”! Join Michael Malice as he speaks with American Intellectual Property Lawyer Stephan Kinsella on the current system of IP and how the implementation of its laws effect commerce, culture and society. From the drug industry to entertainment, the precedents set by those who govern over the laws of Intellectual Property help shape the foundation of culture as well as the economy. Listen as Michael Malice delves deep into the core of the issues and stories that effect our world today. “YOUR WELCOME”. Follow the show @michaelmalice, @NSKinsella

Original video available by subscription at GasDigital


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