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KOL254 | Interviewing Tom Woods About Getting Into Harvard


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 254.

From TomWoods Ep. 1304 How I Got into Harvard. I interviewed Tom about this and related questions since my 15 year old son is nearing college age and I was curious. From Tom’s shownotes:

Stephan Kinsella, the libertarian theorist and author of Against Intellectual Property, asked me the other day about my college admission experience. We are each the parent of a tenth grader, so the topic of college comes up in our households. I didn’t think I had much interesting to say about it, but we decided he would in effect host this episode and ask me questions. The resulting conversation turned out to be great!

Read the original article at TomWoods.com. http://tomwoods.com/ep-1304-how-i-got-into-harvard/

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