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KOL288 | Libertarianism Q&A AMA Coronavirus edition #2


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 288.

Installment #2 in my impromptu Zoom session with whoever wanted to join. Got a bit more hang of how to record everyone in gallery mode, and so on. As last time, just a few of us talking random libertarian topics. Next time will give more advance notice and maybe have a slightly bigger audience.

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  • Dennis Nezic May 19, 2020, 3:59 pm

    @6:42 “I’d rather live around republicans […] republicans know how to follow the rules.”

    That’s a weird caricature of republicans vs libertarians. I’m pretty sure libertarians actually follow rules better – they break the bad ones, which should be a good thing. There are plenty of other reasons not to move to New Hampshire (weather, separation from family, disruption of existing relationships), but surely being around libertarians (even the poor autistic abrasive ones) is not one of them.

    @1:11:0 “I don’t believe that cultures can be perpetuated by effort, I don’t think liberty can be achieved by effort, it’s got to be natural.”

    That sounds tautological, like “que sera sera”. In the case of bitcoin, although technological evolution made it inevitable, at some point some individual actually had to put effort into creating it. Ie. all our efforts ARE natural – even the seemingly futile attempts of the quixotic libertarian, that’s simply their (good) nature. All your libertarian writings and debates are also your valuable “natural” efforts to achieve liberty, eventually.

    And although large scale change seems impossible, locally we have a lot more control – we should be putting effort into supporting fellow ancaps, and punishing those who would hurt us to whatever reasonable extent possible. Having a neighborhood of libertarians (for example by effortfully moving to New Hampshire) is effectively very close to the endgame we seek and achievable in our lifetimes.

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