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KOL292 | What It Means to be an Anarchist-Libertarian


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 292.

This was my appearance recently on a Brazilian podcast. I believe they are adding subtitles in Portuguese. For now, here is the audio, and the current version of the youtube video is below. Their shownotes (roughly translated):

“Visconde de Mauá Study Group

The Libertarian Study Group of Fortaleza, Visconde de Mauá, is pleased to present a lecture with another of the great names of Libertarianism in the world, the Author and lawyer Stephan Kinsella.

At this event, we discussed ideas about what it means to be a libertarian and its practical application in everyday life.

Kinsella is the author of an extensive work on libertarianism including the works: Estoppel: A New Justification for Individual Rights, New Rationalist Directions in Libertarian Theories of Law and What is Libertarianism. which have become essential works for understanding libertarianism, especially in their application in law, these works are extremely relevant!”

Youtube below:

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