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KOL294 | Burning Boots Liberty – IP and Abandoning Property


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 294.

This is my appearance on the Burning Boots podcast, ep. 53. We had lots of fun. From their shownotes:

We have Stephan Kinsella on this week to hang out and joke around then we get into some more thought provoking topics and questions for him from the listener mailbag! He’s one of the most prominent Hoppeans around right now and frankly we found him to be a little under-educated for our prestigious intellectual podcast, but hopefully you can forgive him anyway. Follow him, read him, listen to his podcast, and definitely listen to his debates because they usually rock.

Before we bring Kinsella on though, we take about 30 minutes to talk about the state of Kenosha and the collapse in general and Davie tells us about how the doctor that cut his balls off might secretly be based.

Burning Question for this week:
Can property be implicitly abandoned?

Outro song this week (chosen by Stephan) is The Eagle Has Landed by Saxon

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