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KOL324 | Wake Up Podcast Ep 37 with Aleks Svetski: AnCaps, Libertarians, IP & Bitcoin


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 324.

I was on Aleks Svetski’s show Wake Up, Ep. 37. Youtube:

From his shownotes:

Stephan Kinsella is a Patent Attorney in Texas, Austrian AnCap philosopher, writer & hands down one of the smarter & most well-read people I’ve ever spoken to.

In this ep, we discuss:

– SK’s Journey on Why or how he become a libertarian

– Where Austrian Econ fit in?

– A little about Bitcoin coming on the radar, and “fixing this”.

We discuss consistency of thought, principles and ideas.

A little on Patent Law & Private property, although we’ll probably do an Ep 2 in this.

We explore:

– Rand’s critique on Anarchy

– Rand’s support of IP

The difference between ownership & possession

– Is Ownership is that which you can protect?

– How do you prove initial possession?

– How do you enforce ownership?

Are the rules & norms of a community or city a sort of constitution?

How do these rules scale across populations?

How do you synchronise those larger scale ideas with societies that have different values, ie; the Confucian east?

War is expensive only with sound money (Bitcoin fixes this)

We dig into a bit about private property rights from both the Lockean view & a more tangible viewpoint inspired by Hoppe.

“The entire point of property rights is to solve conflict.”

And I ask the question:

Why are Libertarians not as widely thrilled about Bitcoin as one might expect them to be?

There was a series of books that Stephan also mentioned.

I’ve listed them here for you:

Walter Block: I chose liberty

– Assortment of stories about how people became libertarians.

Randy Barnett

– The structure of Liberty


– A theory of Socialism & Capitalism

– Economics & ethics of Private property


– Ultimate foundation of economic science


– The logic of action 1 & 2

– Economic controversies

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