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KOL328 | Heterodorx Ep. 10 with Nina Paley: I.P. Everywhere!


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 328.

This is my appearance on Heterodorx Episode 10: I.P. Everywhere!, hosted by Nina Paley and Corinna Cohn (posted March 29, 2021; recorded March 25, 2021). Nina is also on the C4SIF Advisory Board. From the shownotes (see also Nina’s Facebook post):

Get ready for some hardcore Libertarian nerd-talk, as Corinna goes head-to-head with Stephan Kinsella, author of Against Intellectual Property, and Libertarianism’s foremost critic of copyright and patents.  Thrill to dazzling theories of labor vs. action, restrictive covenants, negative easements, burdened estates, nuisances, limitations, consent, redistribution of rights, triangular intervention, property, scarcity, value, allocation of contestable resources, conflict, trade secrets, the Patent Bargain, disclosure, distortion, abolishing the FDA…wait, what? By the end of the episode, Corinna suffers a long-overdue crisis of faith. SUCCESS!

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  • bob April 3, 2021, 1:12 pm

    The audio file posted here seems to be miscut/jumbled. It starts already about 15 minutes into the talk, and the beginning comes at the end. On the linked Heterodorx page the audio file is okay.

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