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KOL432 | Haman Nature 0027: School Choice “Debate”


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 432.

My appearance on Adam Haman’s podcast and Youtube channel, Haman Nature (Haman Nature substack), episode 27. I have previously argued against “school choice” (KOL419 | Soho Forum Debate vs. Corey Deangelis: School Choice). Adam wrote an article promoting school choice and I objected to it. He invited me to come back on his show to discuss and I did and, well, he kinda sorta changed my mind, or at least softened my opposition.

I love these kind of real conversations when people actually listen to each other with the shared goal of promoting liberty and reaching the truth, and with no ego or other investments involved that could prevent you from seeing reason or truth or the other guy’s position and even being willing to change your mind. And I like when I lose! I mean it rarely happens, but I like it–it means I learned something. Which is also increasingly rare. Enjoy!

Adam’s shownotes:

Well, “debate” is too strong a word, but brilliant smarty-pants Stephan Kinsella had some disagreements about an article Adam wrote about school choice and was gracious enough to come on Haman Nature to discuss them.

00:00 – Intro.

01:15 — Happy birthday to Adam! Stephan’s gives him an… odd present. Also, Adam recounts the article he wrote that prompted this talk.

02:54 — Stephan lays out his position on school choice, and similar “reform” measures or “incrementalism”.

06:55 – Adam defends. Let the “debate” begin!

15:33 – Adam scores a point!

17:13 – And another! And possibly another (depending on… math)!

22:15 – Adam swings hard. Is it a home run? 24:26 – Adam makes a prediction about markets and innovations under school choice.

26:10 — Stephan makes some strong and principled objections.

28:52 — Adam scores another point! Plus, the biggest moment in the entire episode.

33:36 — A very important legislative clause to watch like a hawk. Also, is it worth the risk?

35:18 — Say it was up to you as the deciding vote. Which way do you cast it?

38:36 — Hey, Corey! Plus, Stephan gives Adam a much better birthday present!

39:57 — Outro.

Stephan Kinsella’s website:

Haman Nature article mentioned:

Stephan’s Soho Forum debate with Corey DeAngelis on School Choice:

Adam’s other show: Natural Order Podcast

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