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A collection of recent blog posts about patent hypocrisy and “success” stories

Recently had an email discussion with an inventor. He wanted to know why abolishing the patent system would be “in his interest”. Edited comments:

I don’t think it’s relevant whether it’s in “your interest,” to be honest. If I were a beneficiary of a million dollars a year of government welfare, I would have “an interest” in not having the welfare program abolished. So what? Does my interest mean it should not be abolished?

In my view, the threat posed by patents to honest businessmen is atrocious. It is pure government socialism in that it takes away property rights from people and awards them to others, as in the NTP-RIM litigation.

Of course, most patent lawyers are in favor of the patent system, and repeat the tired old mantras that it’s “necessary” to “stimulate” innovation, blah blah blah. Wow, big surprise. As I showed in There’s No Such Thing As A Free Patent, none of them know what the hell they are jabbering about. They are disingenous advocates for a system that helps perpetuate their livelihood. IMHO.

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