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On the Fate of our Left-Libertarian Comrades’ Ideas

A friend wrote me about the left-libertarians (see comment on Roderick Long’s “POOTMOP” Redux; Comment on Chartier’s Socialism revisited; The new libertarianism: anti-capitalist and socialist; comment on Kevin Carson’s post “Socialism: A Perfectly Good Word Rehabilitated”), with their bizarre obsession with localism, “bossism,” and the like:

I don’t think they’re that big of a problem for us. I doubt they’ll attract the bulk of libertarians, but “allies” against the state are useful. Let them form their own communes after the state is smashed if they like. Then you’ll probably see a migration from their communes to our territories.

I agree with all of this. They won’t attract any libertarians; they seem well intentioned but a bit clueless–they seem not even to realize that almost no one knows what they are talking about re “bossism,” “wage slavery,” localism, etc.

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