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The Golden Age

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Golden Age coverSome of the best fiction I’ve read in some time, maybe ever, definitely just about the best sci-fi I’ve ever read: The Golden Age trilogy, by John C. Wright. If you liked Atlas Shrugged and like hard sci-fi (e.g., fans of Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center saga; Dan Simmons’ Hyperion novels; Orson Scott Card’s Ender books; and Vernor Vinge’s Fire Upon The Deep), you’ll like this. It’s sci-fi by an obvious libertarian and proponent of individualism and free-market, if not Austrian, economics (some of the mini-speeches about the necessity of money even in an advanced society a million years down the road, are very impressive), but it’s not “libertarian sci-fi” of the jokey, preachy, or humorless (no offense, Ayn Rand) type. Highly recommended.

Interesting interviews with Wright: here; and here.

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