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Reply to Adam Thierer on Net Neutrality and IP

My reply to this post:

Net neutrality is indeed unlibertarian and should be opposed, as I noted in Net Neutrality Developments; see also Geoff Plauche’s CrunchGear vs. the Tea Party on Net Neutrality.

However, as TLF is commendably “dedicated to keeping politicians’ hands off the ‘net and everything else related to technology” — we should also oppose intellectual property rights as well instead of supporting them as Thierer does.1 The young, the tech savvy, and libertarians are increasingly realizing this, as I noted in my article The Death Throes of Pro-IP Libertarianism.

For more see A Libertarian Take on Net Neutrality.

  1. See Cato, Lessig, and Intellectual Property; When Rights Collide: Principles to Guide the Intellectual Property Debate. []
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