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How We Come To Own Ourselves: Spanish Translation

My Mises Daily article How We Come To Own Ourselves (Sep. 7, 2006, Mises.org blog discussionaudio version) has been translated into Spanish, by Josep Purroy: Cómo los niños se vuelven dueños de sí mismos.

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  • Andy Cleary April 5, 2013, 12:34 pm

    I still think “owning one’s self”, while correct, is not *enough*. A human body – your self – is far *more* than just property. I don’t think it negates any/much of libertarian theory, but I think it refines it. Its implications are mostly in the area of “punishment”, which means I’ll probably have to go reread your damned estoppel articles again.

    Anyways: congrats!

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