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“No Offense, Kinsella”

I have had a private freewheeling libertarian email discussion list for many years, and many private memes have emerged. I used to gaslight someone by adding “No offense, John” after a comment that I wanted to signal was an implicit insult or critique of their views. So now they all say “No offense, Kinsella” or “NOK” whenever they disagree with me or when they gather on occasion, since I used to criticize “artificial gatherings” instead of “organic”  (even though I attend many “artificial gatherings” a year, so now they’ll get together and say “artificial gathering alert, NOK” or something like that).

Here are some samples over the years:

First, some videos:

Youtube Playlist of NOK’s, including those below (most courtesy Juan Carpio):

Corey Feldman:

Tom Woods and Joe Salerno:


Tom Woods:

Mises Brasil:

Lew Rockwell:

I trick my mom into saying “No offense, GAP [Geoffrey Allan Plauche”]:

Here are some pix taken over the years, many sent to me to tease me:

PFS 2022, Bodrum Turkey. Greg Morin, Carl and Karen Bowen, et al.

With Jacob Lovell and Greg Morin, Libertarian Scholars Conference, Nashville, Sept. 9 2022

With Norman Horn, Jacob Lovell, and Greg Morin, Libertarian Scholars Conference, Nashville, Sept. 10, 2022

Greg & Joy Morin, JFK airport headed to “Iceland,” Aug. 28, 2022, in honor of this post

Jacob Lovell, Antony Sammeroff, Tom DiLorenzo, Jeff Barr, Jim Yohe, me, Lee Iglody, The Waverly Local, near Auburn, AL, March 2021, for Mises Institute AERC

Norman Horn and Juan F. Carpio, July 2017

Nickie Abshire and me at Chili’s in Sulphur, Aug. 2018

Manuel Lora & Daniel Coleman, 2016

Manuel Lora & Daniel Coleman, 2017

Manuel Lora & Daniel Coleman Dec. 2018

Dick Clark, Ryan McMaken, Brian Martinez, Jacob “Horst” Huebert, Sept. 2014

Dick & Justiner Clark, Dec. 2009

Daniel Coleman, Severin Snape, Brian Martinez, Sept. 2016

Timo Wirkman Virkkala, Feb. 2011

Isaac Bergmann, Daniel Coleman Oct. 2014

Rob Wicks, Justiner Clark, Oct. 2019

Me, David Heinrich, Juan F. Carpio, random chick, Bit Block Boom, Dallas, Aug. 2019

Gil Guillory, PFS conference, Bodrum Turkey, June 2010

Cliff Rosson, Manuel Lora, June 2013

Daniel Coleman, Aaron Graham, March 2015

Daniel Coleman, Patrick Tinsley, June 2015

Manuel Lora, Daniel Coleman, June 2016

Isaac Bergmann, Kevin Barnett, May 2015

Andy Cleary, Cliff Rosson, Daniel Coleman Paul Edwards, Nov. 2011

Tom Palmer, an adversary tricked by a friend into displaying this NOK sign by making it read Not Other Keynes. April 2010

me and Gil Guillory, Jan 2017

Anthony Gregory, Dec. 2020, Berkeley Federalist Society IP debate

Aaron Graham, Aaron Voisine, Juan F. Carpio, Bitcoin Miami, June 2021

Dick & Justina Clark, Chris Brunner, June 2021

Lunch w/ Bob Murphy, Jan 2016

David Heinrich and waff, Joy & Greg Morin, April 2022

Aaron Graham, Jacob Lovell, Aaron Voisine, July 2022

NOK Auto repairs

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