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Kinsella as “White Pill”: Maresca, “From the White-PillBox: Part 29. Achilles Heel edition 3”

from Mark Maresca:

From the White-PillBox: Part 29. Achilles Heel edition 3

Anarchist influencers are finding ways to leverage the vulnerabilities of many of the State’s Achilles Heels.

This is the third in a sub-series of the White Pill essays examining some of the State’s vulnerabilities. This installment continues the discussion about the State’s weak spots presented in the previous two essays, and identifies some human White Pills – people in the anarchist space actively striking at some of these Achilles Heels 1.

The two ways their contributions are important

The people featured are contributing to the effort toward a free society by employing two parallel strategies: demolition work, and foundational work.

Demolition work

These strategies deal with the State. Their focus is today, when the State is still in the way. In particular, they target the State’s weaknesses and exploit them, in order to help reduce its influence. This helps clear the path forward.

Foundational work

These strategies help lay the groundwork for some necessary foundations 2 of a stable stateless society 3. They seek to smooth the way for that evolution. Their focus is the future, when the State can be disregarded because its debris has been cleared.

There is a White Pill here: the State is blind to its true destiny (irrelevancy and extinction), acting as if it will exist forever. In a sense this delusion is the ultimate Achilles Heel. The State is impotent to forces (natural or strategic) leading humanity to an eventual stateless society (or at minimum, stateless regions).

The human White Pills

Stephan Kinsella

Kinsella’s work covers both strategies.

Demolition work – Intellectual Property (IP) 4

IP is a major impediment to human progress, but also one of the State’s Achilles Heels 5. Kinsella mounts a full scale assault on its practical and theoretical foundations.

He has written and spoken extensively on the illegitimacy of IP, clearly articulating how IP slows human progress and causes genuine human suffering and death. He takes a principled stand that IP is not something to be fixed, but should be abolished outright, immediately, in all its forms.

Demolition work and foundational work – Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is comprised of various contemporary innovative technologies. There are already legal threats to crypto, which, if successful, would harm or even destroy it. Kinsella works to protect the cryptocurrency space, in particular from IP threats.

These efforts contribute to demolition work. Defending crypto from IP helps secure its broad acceptance. This in turn undermines government’s monopoly on money (the fuel that permits the State to persist).

But his efforts are also foundational, helping advance one of the pillars of a free society: money that is decentralized, non-inflatable, secure and private. It is a wheel that need not be reinvented along the way toward a stateless society 6.

Foundational work: law

As freedom-oriented enclaves emerge, their legal order will form. They will need principles that operate (somewhat) similar to the common law, in which law grows organically out of real-world adjudications of disputes, criminal acts, etc. Kinsella has participated in efforts on this front as well. He has explained why IP is inconsistent with a moral stateless society. And he has produced extensive work on how law would be handled in a free society.

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