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KOL121 | Better Red than Dead with Redmond Weissenberger: Copyright and Easter Egg Servitudes, and more


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 121.

I was interviewed by Redmond Weissenberger, of Mises Canada, for his Better Red than Dead podcast (iTunes). We discussed a variety of topics, including: store refuses to put boy’s name on an Easter egg because of a copyright concern because he shares a name with a famous soccer player, positive versus negative rights, Alexis de Tocqueville on servitudes and liberty, and intellectual property (IP) as negative servitudes; Ayn Rand’s confusion on property rights and IP; property as the least bad option; the impossibility of a post-scarcity world; the dispute over “privilege checking” and attempts to speak the language of progressives; Hoppe on immigration and monarchy.

More information on some of the topics discussed can be found in the following articles and blog posts:

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