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KOL162 | Interview on IP and libertarianism by Fabrizio Sitzia, LibertariaNation.org (Italy) (2012)


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 162.

Interview on IP and libertarianism by Fabrizio Sitzia, LibertariaNation.org (Italy) (April 15, 2012; recorded Feb. 23, 2012)

I was interviewed Feb. 23, 2012, by Fabrizio Sitzia of the Italian libertarian group LibertariaNation.org. It was posted on YouTube. We discussed intellectual property and related issues such as SOPA, plagiarism, IP-by-contract, and other libertarian issues such as prospects for liberty in the future; the importance of technology, the Internet, and globalism; Ron Paul and electoral politics; and libertarian sentiments and receptiveness among today’s young people. (See also Italian Libertarian IP Debate.)

More info at the LibertariaNation post Intervista a Stephan Kinsella (English translation from Google translate).

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