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KOL315 | The Rollo and Slappy Show: The Gamestop Short Squeeze


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 315.

This is my appearance on the Rollo & Slappy  Show Episode 236 – The Libertarian Analysis of the GameStop Short Squeeze and Fallout with Silent Cal, JW Weatherman, and Stephan Kinsella.

“There have been plenty of hot takes on what went down with the GameStop short squeeze by Wall Street Bets traders from Reddit and the fallout following the actions of Robinhood. It can get pretty technical, so we brought three guests, Silent Cal, JW Weatherman, and Stephan Kinsella, on to the show to unpack what happened and how we might analyze it from a libertarian perspective.”

We talked about bitcoin after recording stopped, JW and I trying to sell Silent Cal on it.

Items mentioned
Silent Cal’s Twitter thread
Episode 177 – Stocks, Dumb Money, and Bitcoin

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Silent Cal
JW Weatherman
Stephan Kinsella

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