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KOL344 | With Adam Terrell of Theocracy: Copyrights Are Unlawful


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 344.

This is my appearance with Adam Terrell of the Theocracy podcast: 022 Copyrights Are Unlawful with Stephan Kinsella (recorded May 7, 2021). From his shownotes:

Now, some of you know I have a background in media production. And I have gotten royalty checks and benefitted from a copyright “tradition” (I don’t call it law) on multiple occasions, and I have family who have had their entire livelihoods supported by it. So how can I say in the title that “Copyrights Are Unlawful?” Stephan Kinsella is my guest today. I found him through Tom Woods’s podcast years back, and I’ve run in to his talks at Mises University online several times. He’s a patent attorney who has helped me think through these issues practically relating to intellectual property and why it doesn’t exist. I believe there is a Bible verse I can point to as well in Exodus, but we’ll get to that. We get in to some less-than-settled issues as well.




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  • JdL June 20, 2021, 4:25 am

    Poor pathetic Stephan Kinsella. He thinks he’s onto some revolutionary idea, that ripping off content creators is a great thing to do and a great way to run society. Oddly enough, normal people reject that idea en masse for some strange reason. But Kinsella plugs on, scouring the world for people who will listen to his ridiculous reflections without openly laughing.

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