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KOL343 | Aborted IP Debate with Nina Prevot; IP and Libertarianism Q&A


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 343.

This is an IP and libertarianism Q&A. It was originally supposed to be a debate with an intellectual property attorney on IP but after challenging me, she bowed out. I went live at the appointed time anyway and discussed it briefly, and fielded questions from those that tuned in. We started off in Youtube live stream and because it sucks, I switched over to a Zoom call 34 minutes in so others could ask questions and participate (next time I’ll use Zoom only).

This started when someone on Twitter recommended my Against Intellectual Property:

To which one @libertascoco responded with this snipe:


It later turned out that she is be soi-disant IP attorney Nina Prevot, whose Youtube channel is here and who has discussed and ham-fisted, ineptly attempted to defend IP here:

Then she challenged me to a debate, after falsely claiming I never debate people:


I instantly took her up on it:

But she ended up backing out so I went online at 7pm anyway. The main reason I was willing to debate her was to let observers see how weak her arguments would be, and to confirm my repeated claim that “There are No Good Arguments for Intellectual Property” (see also “Absurd Arguments for IP”).

Anyhow, I went online as noted above and discussed IP and other libertarian issues with the audience. This one was not as tight as most of my material, and I thought it was a bit sloppy and all over the map, but many of the participants seemed to enjoy it, so here it is, FWIW.

Youtube of the discussion:

  • Cade Share, “A Defense of Rothbardian Ethics via a Mediation of Hoppe and Rand”

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