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KOL366 | NFTS, Soho Forum Debate, Intellectual Property, Etc. on Repeal the 20th Century


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 366.

This is my appearance on the Repeal the 20th Century podcast (Youtube channel). We discussed my IP debate at the Soho Forum (see KOL364 | Soho Forum Debate vs. Richard Epstein: Patent and Copyright Law Should Be Abolished and KOL369 | Soho Forum IP Debate Post-Mortem with Greg Morin), the basic case against IP (both natural rights/Lockean and utilitarian), problems with both, problems with Locke’s proto-Marxian labor theory of property, patent, copyright, and trademark, defamation, plagiarism, attribution, fraud, property rights in “value,” and “ownership” of NFTs and bitcoin.


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