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KOL386 | Toward Anarchy with Michael Storm: IP, Bitcoin, NFTs, Digital Ownership


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 386.

I was a guest on Toward Anarchy with host Michael Storm on July 3, 2022. His shownotes (Youtube channel):

Anarchist, Author, Lawyer, Electrical Engineer, Stephan Kinsella discusses the Economics and Morality of Intellectual Property with me. We’ll get into the value, subjective and objective, of Crypto-Currencies, NFTs and other Digital things.

Find out more about Stephan and dive into the large body of work he has from books to audio and video on topics from the law to economics to social issues and of course Intellectual Property at StephanKinsella.com.

Continue your trip down the Kinsella information highway at Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom where you can find a growing collection of work aimed at proving the government impedes innovation and creativity with laws and taxes and regulations and all manner of interventions into our personal and economic lives.


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