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KOL387 | The Great IP Debate of 1983: McElroy vs. Schulman


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 387.

This is a classic debate on intellectual property between Wendy McElroy and J. Neil Schulman at the Libertarian Supper Club in Westwood (Los Angeles), California, in 1983. McElroy takes the anti-IP side and Schulman argues for IP. I don’t appear in this episode but I thought my listeners might find it of interest.

I wrote about this on Mises Daily, as “The Great IP Debate of 1983,” Mises Daily (July 18, 2011), which concerns the then recently-found audio of that debate, which was put up as a Mises podcast and is now also hosted at Mises.org. It’s a fascinating listen. As the Mises blurb about it reads, “In this wonderful debate, we find the whole of the theoretical apparatus of the anti-IP case presented with precision and eloquence.” This was near the beginning of the modern libertarian anti-IP movement, pioneered by McElroy and Sam Konkin (see references below).

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