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KOL399 | CryptoVoices: Ukraine and Liberalism


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 399.

This is my appearance on the CryptoVoices podcastEpisode 138, interviewed by host Matthew Mežinskis.

Update: To be clear, in my off the cuff comments about some “antiwar” types and Israel and Russia, I had in mind some particular individuals, some private conversations and some others online, but did not mean the good folks at Antiwar.com–I’ve long been and remain a supporter, financial and otherwise, of Antiwar.com. I should have been clearer with my language.


Matthew interviews Stephan Kinsella, lawyer and author, and anti-IP advocate.

Stephan covers a lot of ground on how to increase liberalism and reduce war, through the lens of the unjust and terrible war being waged by Russia in Ukraine.

Though there are a variety of views on NATO, nukes, and strategies for minimizing this and all state wars, the focus on this show is to philosophize and center our arguments on freedom and liberalism and private property, with the important caveat that we live in 2022, not in an anarcho-capitalistic world.

Listen on to learn more.

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  • Dennis Nezic November 5, 2022, 8:57 am

    Not sure if I should listen to this .. Mezinskis is very biased and dishonest on the issue of Ukraine, last time I heard him talk about it – very propagandistic. Was it just that Ukraine effectively initiated the war against Russians ~2014, violently overthrowing a legit (I think?) election, murdering thousands? Was it just for Ukraine to join an aggressive military alliance with a far more dangerous state? What were the Bidens et al doing in Ukraine before? I admit that it’s really hard to choose a side in this nasty mostly-fake/planned conflict … the way he’s so certain of who the good guy is is cringe.

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