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KOL400 | Ask an Austrian #11: IP, Anarchy, Natural Rights…


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 400.

I appeared tonight (Dec. 7, 2022) on the LP Mises Caucus’s Ask an Austrian podcast and youtube channel, episode 11, at the request of Liam McCollum. I fielded as many questions as I could in the allotted time. The questions given to me ahead of the session are posted below, most of which I addressed.


Karson Rosander – can you explain the history of the term “intellectual property” and how it’s evolved? How can I use that to explain it’s not like traditional property?

Karson Rosander – what have you found to be the best way to sell your position on IP to conservatives?

Harrison – Do you think the free market could develop some sort of protection for IP? Do you think blockchain might be a free market solution to IP?

Michael – what do you think about Rothbard’s argument for natural law in ethics of liberty?

Aaron Harris – what would be the most significant changes in society if IP laws were abolished? Is there a particular way they should be phased out?

Chris Forrest – Do you think it’s fair to say that public property (such as roads, libraries etc.) is rightfully owned by the taxpayer, as restitution for the aggression committed against them by the state as well as the companies that build these things, seeing as they’re guilty of possession of stolen goods (tax money)?

Zach Szklarz – why deontological liberty? Are consequentialist arguments wrong, or just not as good as natural-rights arguments? Is it fair to use consequentialist arguments to back up your ideas based on deontological libertarianism? (maybe explain deontological or consequentialist for the rest of the listeners)

Adam Thuen – How did IP get established in the US, what was the intent in its adoption and how has it been corrupted? Given the acceleration of tech and its ability to drastically change quality of life, why haven’t timeframes for patents and copyrights been reduced?

Adam Thuen – Is there an economic and legal case to abolish these frameworks? Where is the line between a chef trying to protect family recipes and an entrepreneurial person trying to make their way by providing a good or service? How does this play with our globs system? We all know China and other countries engage in corporate espionage (as well as many American companies)

Liam – Are you in favor of decentralization on principle or is something like the incorporation doctrine legitimate? Do you think we should oppose centralization in all cases, even if it’s in the name of liberty? Are there any scenarios where a more centralized power should check a lower power?

Brady – What is polycentric law? Are you in favor of it?

Liam – What would a libertarian court system look like? Is a common-law system more consistent with libertarianism than the current centralized system with the US Supreme Court?

Riley Wipf – What is the best way to use Austrian Economics in entry-level business to help create value?

Dan Zembiak – The US is over $30 trillion dollars in debt. Who exactly is that debt owed to?

Alex Dillard – Do you think it is viable for libertarians to work in coalitions with populist forces (such as independent leftists like Jimmy Dore, as well as paleoconservative and populist conservative forces)? Has the previous LP leadership tried to appeal too much to centrist forces?

Joe – are you pessimistic in light of recent foreign policy developments?

Sachin Patil – Dear Sir, How would a country (say like US) transform from democracy to Anarcho capitalism? Suppose the entire Government resigns. What then? Wouldn’t the vaccum crested be filled by mafia? Or even a foreign country?

Sachin Patil – How would defence, Police & Judiciary be privatised? How can we make the transformation from democracy to Anarcho Capitalism?

Kareem Maize – What is the ricardian law of association in your own words and how does that relate to social cooperation?

Zach Szklarz – what is your #1 non-libertarian book to read?

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