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KOL285 | Disenthrall: Contracts with Stephan Kinsella


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 285.

I appeared today on the Disenthrall.me Youtube channel, host Patrick Smith, to discuss libertarian contract theory (Contracts with Stephan Kinsella). We talked about the standard legal view of contracts, the Rothbard-Evers title theory of contract, applications such as bitcoin “smart contracts” and intellectual property, the idea of breach of contract, liquidated damages clauses, and so on.  (I was previously a guest — KOL264 | Disenthrall: Stephan Kinsella on Tim Pool Subverse and Trademark.)

From Disenthrall’s shownotes: “In response to a viewer request we bring you a deep dive into Libertarian contract theory. What are contracts? Why are contracts? What are NOT contracts?”

Patrick is apparently taking over Anarchast, on which I’ve been a guest in the past, so we may be doing an episode on that channel soon.

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